High Pressure Water Jetting

We are one of the few trained specialists offering this service in our region.

High pressure water jetting is the newest state of the art solution for cleaning water and sewer pipe systems. It’s a faster, more efficient and effective solution than traditional pipe cleaning methods. Our equipment is mobile so we can quickly respond to your emergency service needs.

High pressure water jetting offers many important benefits:

  • It can clean out your pipe systems up to 500 feet long, and as small as 3 inches in diameter.
  • It can restore pipe capacity to near original specifications and performance.
  • It can easily navigate through complex pipe bends to clear out blockage.

Video Pipe Inspection

Once we do preliminary cleaning of the pipe system using our mechanical snake, The next step is often to perform a remote video pipe inspection of the pipe system involved. The equipment we use is portable, and allows us to reach into tigh t places. This procedure enables us to see inside your pipes to determine the nature and location of the blockages. The result gives us vital diagnostic information, which enables us to recommend and use the best course of action before we do anything further.

There are important benefits to using remote video pipe inspection:

  • You know what is involved before we start.
  • This process saves time, and time is money.
  • When we fix a problem, we can see that it is done to your satisfaction.


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